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Welcome to PETCO Drilling equipment and services in Kuwait

Welcome to PETCO

PETCO is one of the most prominent trading companies in Kuwait. Established in 1989, PETCO is a leader when it comes to supplying equipments, materials and services to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries. PETCO prides itself for providing professional service, accepting nothing less than Excellence.

Our Principals are of high caliber and are spread across many countries. Their mission, along with ours, is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality of services.


pumps and electricals Kuwait

    • - Severe service control valves
    • - Oil & Gas Separators
    • - Gas Dehydration
    • - Filters
    • - Wellhead control systems
    • - Casing & tubing
    • - Pumps
    • - Scaffolds
    • - Fittings, Flanges
    • - Testing 


loading arms Services Kuwait

    • - Seismic Reservoir
    • - 4D Seismic Survey
    • - Procedural Documentation
    • - Onshore Survey
    • - Environmental
    • - Blowout prevention
    • - Prevention & Risk Management
    • - Provision of Human Resource
    • - Quality, Consultancy & Training


Piping Kuwait


PETCO hosted a seminar which was conducted by EVCAM on 24th March 2016 at Safir Hotel, Fintas, Kuwait.

To mark the event, we had Team Leaders and other 52 KOC Engineers from the drilling and workover dept.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Peter Burton and Mr. Omar Al Hindas from Evcam in three segments.

First segment was highlighted on Wellbore Diagnosis, Second segment on KOC Case studies and  Third segment on General case studies

PETCO received a positive response thereafter from KOC.

The seminar concluded with Lunch.

It was a successful event!!