Petroleum Equipment Technology Company WLL (PETCO) established in 1989 is one of the most diversified and highly respected business houses in Kuwait. Over the years PETCO has progressed into a multi-operational Company covering a wide range of activities, PETCO provides services, equipment’s and specialty products to the hydro Carbon, Water and Electricity, Energy, Industrial, Marine and Public Sectors in Kuwait. PETCO takes pride in having, unconditionally served its clients in all the sectors, in an efficient and professional manner with emphasis on integrity and proficiency. Our Team consists of dedicated, motivated and trained engineers and logistics staff who understand that our customers are the reason for our business.

PETCO’s Strives to create a mutually beneficial environment for their Clients and Principals by providing high value added services and innovative solutions through advancement in technology. By our commitment to the highest level of quality, commitment, transparency and unconditional support, we have achieved the trust and satisfaction of all our clients which have resulted in long term relationships with our clients as well as our principals.

Having established a foothold in a very competitive environment which is increasingly, day by day, driven by technology and technological innovation, we view the future with an aim to further expand our horizons through market diversification, strategic alliances and contractual expansions. We remain dedicated and devoted to providing our Clients and Principals with the highest level of professional services with the capability to meeting any deadlines on a fast track basis especially in a competitive environment.


As a Company, PETCO is committed to the highest standards of quality and professional performance in all of its business endeavors. Our business is committed to providing high quality services which are appropriate for our Customers needs and satisfy their expectations in terms of functionality and value.

Our Mission

PETCO is committed to providing the highest level of quality services to the Oil, Gas and Power Sectors of Kuwait. By providing equipment and materials, as well as dedicated and professional consultancy services, PETCO builds a level of confidence and commitment in the Oil, Gas and Power Industry while promoting high standards of performance that insure the prosperity of our company as well as our International Principals.

Our Vision

Each year, PETCO will demonstrate its ability to forge strong, long-term commitments to its company, its industry, and its customers. PETCO is recognized and respected in the Oil, Gas and Power Sectors of Kuwait as a leader in the industry by promoting not only the highest level of quality and experience in every project, but by providing a level of performance unmatched by its competitors.

Our Divisions

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actuators Kuwait
chemicals Kuwait
instrumentation Kuwait